Scam Warnings

Please be aware of scammers.

We have discovered that there have been sellers locally and abroad impersonating Puppy Lab Exclusive, and targeting clients interested in adopting puppies.

Many scammers have created fake profiles on social media like Instagram and Taobao, using our information and pictures.

Please do not make the payment or give out your personal information unless you have confirmed you are contacting us through the following contacts.

Social Media



@PUPPYLAB Korea Teacup Puppies


Phone Number


International (WhatsApp)

Protect yourself from scams

Please check the address and physical location of the store. (Click here to find out our stores)

Request for more pictures and videos.
Scammers use many of our photos and videos from our website and social media as their own.
Try requesting more pictures and videos that are different from the website and social media.
There is no reason to deny photos if they have the puppy for adoption.

Puppy Lab Exclusive has its headquarters only within South Korea.

Please make sure to always double check and confirm if you are communicating with the official Puppy Lab Exclusive.

Stay safe and stay alert.