• Worldwide shipping


    Find and select a puppy at our adoptable puppy section.

    Remember the puppy's name and inquire with us.

    Contact us through Instagram or WhatsApp along with the puppy's name, and feel free to ask us any questions. (Check out our Contact information here)

    *We recommend contacting us via Instagram or WhatsApp to get the fastest reply.
    *If notified by our staff, please email us.

  • Payment & Shipping Process

    1. After the selection is complete, in order to duly complete and secure your adoption, please proceed with the 50% deposit fee.
    2. The remaining 50% should be paid within the week of the first payment.
    3. Once all payment is processed, the puppy will be sent to Puppy Lab Exclusive’s Hotel.
    4. The puppy will be receiving professional training, grooming, and a thorough exam by our very own expert veterinarian.
    5. Before delivery, the Puppy Lab Exclusive management department will contact you and provide you with information on the pick-up date.
    6. When picking up the puppy, please thoroughly check if there are any problems with the puppy.
    7. Please message us and let us know that the delivery is complete and let us know your inspection results.
  • Health Guaranteed


    Puppy Lab Exclusive veterinarian team and our partner Merci Hospital will carry out a full examination on the puppy’s condition before delivery.

    From the date of adoption, a 1-year warranty for congenital/severe disabilities (genetic/birth defect) and treatments are provided when needed.

    If the puppy is to pass away (scale 4 or above) due to organ disorder or any life-threatening defects within one year from the date of reservation, the client has the right to replace their puppy with another puppy of equivalent price.

  • Pre-Order


    For pre-order, a $1,000 USD down payment is required and will be deducted from the price of the puppy.
    The down payment for pre-orders is not refundable.
    Pre-orders will take 2 to 5 weeks to research and adopt. Pictures and videos will be shared after finding your dream puppy.
    If Puppy Lab Exclusive and the client has come to an agreement on the selected puppy, the remaining balance must be paid within a week.

  • Shipping Requirements by Countries


    Before arrival, the Puppy Lab Exclusive team will re-assure you that your puppy is well taken care of throughout the shipping process. Feel free to contact us anytime via Instagram or Whatsapp should you have any questions.

    The minimum age for puppies is four months and above in the countries listed below. Please do note that requirements from airports can vary depending on the country.

  • Other Countries


    Shipping methods may vary depending on specific countries’ animal quarantine regulations and airline conditions. Please consult with us through messenger beforehand.

  • How to pick up puppy

    1. Flight Reservations

    Flight reservations will be made, after consultation with the client. Detailed information (name, number, address, etc.) will be requested by the Puppy Lab Exclusive team to carry out the flight reservation. As rules and regulations of each country are different, there may be more detailed information requested.

    2. Confirmation

    After reservation, confirmation is processed within 1-2weeks. Once confirmed, we will provide the payment information.

    3. Final Confirmation

    Once you receive the final confirmation, please double-check and confirm the airline information. The airline will contact you directly to request more information. If you did not receive a call from the airline, please call the airline to make a final confirmation. Please also check on your pick-up location for your puppy.

    4. Health Check-up

    Before departure, there will be a final health check-up with our partner at the Merci Hospital. Once all health check-ups are done, we will obtain approval and ship your puppy out through a Quarantine Agency in South Korea.

    5. Pre-departure Video

    Before officially handing off your puppy at the airport, the Puppy Lab Exclusive staff will send you a video. All puppies are crate-trained for flights by our professional trainers. Crate training is crucial to help puppies keep calm and feel safe during the journey.

    6. Puppy Pick-up

    Please remember to pick up your puppy at the designated location.

  • Puppy Lab Exclusive Support


    Feel free to contact Puppy Lab Exclusive for any inquires, from asking more about the puppy to speaking to our in-house experts. We try our best to fulfill all services like below:

    Real-time communication.

    Post-care services with experts such as adoption planners and affiliate hospitals.

    Professionalism and sincerity in treating clients’ issues and puppy inquiries.

    Thorough FAQ for reference.

    0 transport accidents.

    At Puppy Lab Exclusive, we have performed extensive research on locating the best transportation and shipping methods. We partnered with a certified shipping agency that specializes in shipping puppies abroad. We guarantee that puppies shipped are healthy and safe even after a long flight.

    Should there be an accident during transfer, this would be covered under our warranty.

    At the Puppy Lab Exclusive, we make sure that your puppy will receive our full attention before departure and will arrive safely in your arms.

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