Our story

Puppy Lab Exclusive founder Jiwoo Lee is an owner/mom to 1 Maltese, 5 Mini Bichon, 1 Pomeranian, and 2 Poodles. Also a fashion designer, Lee often travels internationally for business purposes. During her trips, she would always search for pet care stores. However, she could not find any that suited her and her dogs.

Lee then established “Bella & Dog” in 2016 to provide the best care and services for dogs. This included professional dog training, expert pet care, and professional groomers. Later, she expanded and began Puppy Lab Hotel & Salon. It has since grown exponentially along with Lee’s pet philosophy.

History of Bella & Dog

Bella & Dog’s main focus was to introduce global pet supplies and snacks to the clients in Korea. Lee had carefully curated pet supplies and snacks by visiting various international pet exhibitions.

Besides that, Bella & Dog also offered a luxurious pet hotel and developed a stress-free grooming environment. Thanks to Lee’s dedication and hard work, Bella & Dog gained lots of success and helped lay the foundation for Puppy Lab Exclusive.

The new Puppy Lab Exclusive

In 2018, Lee expanded “Bella & Dog” to Puppy Lab Exclusive to continue spreading and improving pet culture. Lee also expanded into the dog adoption business with the company’s first headquarters in Jungja.

Lee’s vision was to bring clients together with their lifetime companions through Puppy Lab Exclusive. We partnered with officially registered expert kennels and trainers to provide the best services and care. Through our professionalism and expertise, we were able to grow. Now Puppy Lab Exclusive is receiving lots of love and attention from global clients and celebrities in South Korea.

Seoul Expansion

Thanks to Puppy Lab Exclusive’s headquarter in Jungja, we laid the groundwork for expanding across Seoul. Puppy Lab Exclusive was able to open two branches in a fashionable district, Cheongdam-dong, to best suit our client’s needs.