We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the healthiest and cutest puppies. Known as the most exclusive boutique kennel, our comprehensive experiences and services, include but are not limited to:

1) Professional Grooming
2) Luxurious Hotel Stays
3) Access to affiliated veterinary hospitals at a discount price


Having adopted more than 5,000 pets worldwide since its establishment in 2016, Puppy Lab staff member’s expertise and professionalism in breeding, training, and grooming are beyond imagination. We only offer puppies for adoption who have four-generations of purebred history from prestigious domestic and overseas kennels.


During the adoption process, the Puppy Lab staff communicates in-depth with clients to find their dream life companion. After the adoption, we provide all-year-round care and communication. Clients communicate with us and our very own expert veterinarians through our real-time communication channel.

04Customer Service

Our services do not end with adoption, it begins with it. Even after adoption, we are proud to offer all our clients complete 360-degree service to help them get the most from their experience with their new lifetime companion.