About us

An unparalleled expertise in dog
adoption, Puppy Lab Exclusive.

Puppy Lab Exclusive established in 2016, has been providing exclusive adoption to the top 0.1% of clients worldwide. Clients are paired with purebred puppies that are well-cared for, healthy, and look absolutely excellent.


In pursuit of our mission to promote and bring awareness to pet-loving culture, Puppy Lab Exclusive introduces a new way to bring together premium teacup puppies and exclusive clients. To find the perfect companion of their life, we use our expertise in breeding, partnerships with the top local and global professional dog trainers as well as providing our clients with the best adoption counseling.

Instead of seeing hundreds of puppies, our counseling managers learn what’s important to you. Then we help select the best match from pristine appearance to vibrant personality and everything in-between. We strongly believe that finding the perfect puppy for you at their infancy is crucial but also matching you to the right fully grown dog when they reach adulthood.

Certified by Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Puppy Lab Exclusive is officially certified and approved as an international kennel name under the rules and regulations of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) (English: International Canine Federation). FCI is the largest international federation of national kennel clubs partnering with almost 100 countries, including South Korea (Korea Kennel Federation).

The basic work that safeguards purebred dogs is the registration and administration of dog pedigrees. This certification means that puppy breeds from Puppy Lab Exclusive are officially recognized internationally. In accordance with FCI, we at the Puppy Lab are proud to present you distinguish puppy that is famous within the canine world. We offer the best pedigree dogs South Korea can offer.

Every puppy is adorable, so it’s impossible for most people to know what they will be like after growing up. At Puppy Lab Exclusive, we provide the counseling and guidance to select the perfect companion and we make an effort to communicate with our clients as much as possible in order to match this your personal needs and requests.